What To Eat And Not To Eat After A Root Canal

Tooth decay and infection are common dental problems. And one of the techniques the best dentist in Reston uses to prevent this kind of concern from worsening is root canal therapy. It involves clearing any active decay and infection, making a smooth canal and filling it with a durable barrier product to prevent bacteria from affecting your teeth. The treatment caps off with the dentist restoring the affected teeth with dental fillings or crowns.

Root canal has a success rate of more than 90 percent. But even though this procedure is successfully done, aftercare still plays a vital role in speeding up the healing and recovery process. During this phase, patients should be mindful of the food they eat and the way to eat them.

Through this read, we’re giving readers a helpful list of food you should and should not eat after a root canal.

The Proper Way To Eat

During the root canal treatment, your dentist will give you localized anesthesia. You have to wait for this to wear off before you can eat. This will prevent you from accidentally biting the inside of your mouth as they’ve become temporarily numb because of the anesthesia.

When eating, expect the best dentist in Reston to advise you to chew as little as possible. And when you chew, you need to bite on your food through the teeth on the opposite side of the affected area. Also keep in mind that you have to chew slowly to avoid ending up eating on the affected side.

Foods You Can Eat

So, now that you know how to properly eat post-root canal treatment — what types of food are you allowed to take? Generally, your diet should be limited to soft, easy-to-swallow food, including the following:

Lukewarm soup. If you want to eat soup, make sure it’s lukewarm to prevent giving discomfort to your sensitive teeth.

Oatmeal and soft cereal. Together with milk, these types of food are nutritious and are easy on your mouth.

Soft fruits like banana and avocado. To fuhrer supply you with much-needed vitamins and nutrients you can also eat soft fruits. If you want to eat veggies, make sure they’re mashed.

Soft proteins. Tofu, white fish and eggs are an excellent source of protein. As they are also soft, they are safe to eat even after you’ve undergone root canal therapy.

Pasta and noodles. If you want to take in some carbohydrates, soft pasta and noodles are your top choices.

Foods You Cannot Eat

As a general rule, the best dentist in Reston would recommend dental patients who have undergone root canal surgery to avoid hard and sticky foods. Here’s a list of diet no-nos during the recovery period:

Nuts. Whilst healthy, nuts are just too much to handle by nearly restored teeth.

Raw vegetables. Crunchy foods like these — though nutrient-laden — should be avoided as well to not overload your teeth from chewing.

Candies and chewing gums. These pose the risk of chipping off your restored teeth or displacing your dental crown.

Extremely hot or cold food and drinks. Your restored teeth are highly sensitive. To avoid discomfort, avoid eating and drinking something excessively hot or cold.

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