How to make your eyes look younger

Growing older comes with the challenges of having saggy skin, and naturally, the eyes are among the most affected. The skin under the eyes becomes thinner and it becomes vulnerable to age related conditions such as eye bags, swelling or puffiness, crow’s feet and dark circles. Having younger eyes is an important confident boost. Latest advancement in anti-aging medication means that we should be less worried about our aging skin.

There are a couple of ways that will make those eyes look younger again such as eye bag surgery, natural methods, eye creams, eye serums, and use of makeup.

Eye bag surgery

Eye skin surgery, also called blepharoplasty, is a go to option for treatment of causes of eye bags. This procedure involves removal of excess fat by incisions to the upper or lower eye lid and stitching up with dissolving stitches. The surgery can be used to treat other conditions such as puffy eye lids, excess skin that interfere with vision and droopy eye lids. Blepharoplasty is usually an outpatient procedure and take around one hour, but the length of surgery can also depend on the extremity of the condition. Common side effects may include: infections, swelling, pain, dry eyes, watery eyes, and blurred vision. In case you experience any side effects it is vital to consult your doctor in order to ensure successful recovery.

Eye creams and serums

Eye creams are a cheap option to solve your eye aging issues. It only works if the creams are applied correctly. One way of applying cream is taking a pea size amount using your finger and gently apply from the inner parts of the eye contours and descending down to the crow feet area. Some cream should also be applied at the bone area where the sun glasses might touch or rest. Always remember to apply sun protection eye creams (SPF) before wearing sun glasses. Vitamin C and Retinol containing eye creams are useful in reducing dark circles. Eye cream is known to move up the face and it is important to ensure the cream is applied lower regions around the eye.

Natural eye treatment methods

Use of tea bags, soaked in warm water and allowed cool in the refrigerator, on the eyes refreshes the eyes. Slices of Avocado or a paste mix of milk and almonds are a good remedy for dark circles. A cool Aloe Vera gel applied to the under-eye area is useful in de-puffing.


When cleaning the eyes avoid using wipes that are heavy on the skin around the eyes. Using heavy materials causes damage to thinner areas around the eye. Use of cleansers or micellar water would be more suitable. It is important to seek advice and seek the best treatment as you embark to make your eyes look young again.