Otoplasty, Is It A Good Idea?

For those who did not know, otoplasty is a surgical procedure where your ears will be reshaped. The aim of this surgery is to improve your appearance or correct a deformity. If you are not satisfied with the shape or position of your ear shells, you can always change it with otoplasty.

Why is it done?

This is a procedure done to help you gain your confidence, and it is also sometimes done to correct a deformity. Otoplasty can only be performed once the ears have reached their full size, which is often when we turn 5 years old. It will provide symmetry of your ears, and it can be done on both sides.

If you would like to have this procedure done, you need to search for a local clinic that provides such services. Usually, most reputable clinics will have professionals who are able to perform this procedure. You can talk to Dr Hodgkinson to learn more about the procedure.

Otoplasty can really enhance your natural beauty

In addition, it is very important that you talk to your doctor before going through with the procedure, usually, a consultation is necessary, and you should also bring your medical history and tell your doctor about anything concerning your health or formal reactions to drugs.

Why have otoplasty?

We all know that the outer ear does not really have a lot of function when it comes to our hearing, so why would you have this procedure? Well, some people feel as if their ears are a bit too prominent, and that could cause a lot of psychological stress and embarrassment.

Being teased and bullied because of something like this can really affect our confidence, especially when we are still young. Once the ears stop growing, at the age of 5, you can have this procedure done, if you think it will improve your quality of life.

Otoplasty procedure

Your surgeon will use otoplasty techniques to correct, replace or reconstruct a defective, missing or defective ear or pinna. This depends on the outcome you are looking for, and what bothers you about your ears the most.

Otoplasty can deal with deformities as well

Ear augmentation is necessary if your pinna is not developed or is undeveloped, known as microtia. Otopexy is used when we have protruding ears, and the ear reduction can reduce the size of your pinna. When people have ears that are too big, that is called macrotia, and you can learn more about this if you visit or do your own research online.

Final word

Both adults and children can undergo this procedure, but only once the ears have stopped growing. Adults will undergo the surgery with sedation supplements with local anesthesia, while kids will get general anesthesia instead. You will have to have bandages for a couple of days after the surgery, and you will not be able to wash your hair. Make sure to talk to your doctor before the surgery.