Your Face Can Now Look Younger And Refreshed

With aging, we start to lose not just our tight and plumper skin, but also our self-confidence, especially women. Women are in a bigger number for finding ways to maintain a younger look, and they are usually turning to facial treatments and expensive creams. Some of that will help for sure, but in the long run, you can try some of the non- invasive face procedures.

Silhouette soft lift

This is a minimally invasive procedure that is focusing on the face areas such as cheeks, jawline and the neck. The goal is to reduce wrinkles and fine lines while lifting the sagging skin and stimulating the new collagen. There are additional cones beside the thread to lift the face for a younger appearance.

The cosmetic specialist will analyze your face and skin, and he will mark the areas where the threads will go. The local anesthetic will be injected so the small incisions could be made and the needle could go under the skin.

Make sure to find a qualified professional for silhouette soft lift treatment

If you wish to undergo this procedure, make sure to find a specialist who will give you the desirable results. This treatment in Australia, silhouette soft lift in Melbourne like Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is verified with great results and you are in hands of a professional team.

The results are visible right after the treatment, but the final results are noticeable after the two or three months when the collagen is fully matured. You will notice that your wrinkles and fine lines are reduced, and your skin will generally look younger.

Ulthera facelift

This is one of the most popular non-invasive treatment when it comes to face lifting. The treatment is done with the ulthera device, from where the name is coming from. The gist of the ulthera treatment is ultrasound energy that is affecting the tissue under the skin. This energy is stimulating the collagen production, so the face will look rejuvenated and tighten.

Ulthera facelift is more affordable than the other face lift procedures

Good news is that this collagen needs to mature and it needs some time for that, proximally two to three months, and during this period, your face will gradually get the new doses of collagen. So the final results will be after this period of collagen maturation.

The price of the treatment varies depending on the face areas that you want to treat. Smaller face areas, like brow, can cost from 750$ to 1000$. The full face and neck you can be done for 2500$ in some places, while, for example, in New York, the price can vary from 4000$ to 5000$. In Australia, ultherapy Melbourne cost from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is affordable and with great results.


Allow the professionals to make subtle changes on your face. That is what non- invasive treatments are for, while surgical operations are more expensive, with longer recovery, but with more noticeable results.