Common eye issues that require visiting an Optometrist

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Eyes are the gateway to the world. They allow you to have the vision of what exactly the world is. They also allow distinguishing between reality and imagery. This is why it is important to take care of them. These days, eye issues are increasingly becoming common. The reason behind this is the excessive time people spend watching screens while working, studying or entertaining. Therefore, one should be visiting some of the best eye doctor clinics like Vaughan eye care to stay vigilant and take prior action on any arising issue. Here are some of the issues that require an optometrist visit quickly.


Infections in the eye are a result of exposure to unhygienic environments. The signs of eye infection include sudden redness, uncontrolled discharge of tears from the eyes, irritation in the eyes, dryness, any sort of distortion of vision or even sudden sensitivity to light. These infections are also caused because of poor hand hygiene. It is suggested to avoid touching the eyes every now and then.

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Floaters in the eyes

These are identified as some squiggly lines, patterns or small shapes that become more identified while looking towards the sky or on some other plain site in the presence of abundant light.  They are not much of an issue until they start appearing all of a sudden and every now and then. They can even be accompanied by visuals of shadows or peripheral flashes which might be indicative of a detached retina.


This is something that occurs when one cannot see clearly or read out properly even with the presence of glasses and watching aids. These are indicative of the fact that the glasses need a correction with numbers. So, those wear glasses should get their eyes tested at regular intervals to prevent this situation.