Visa Extension during COVID-19 Outbreak

It’s 2021. Travel restrictions are simultaneously happening in different countries worldwide, and PCR tests for travelers also cause a burden for allowed flights adding to economic and health anxieties to many. The COVID-19 pandemic has left tourism clients with visas that are about to or have already expired. Thus, governments try to make amends by proposing the extension of visas for foreign nationals and allow visitors in a country to remain within the border if unable to travel without them having to pay for penalties as long as permits are concerned.

Stricter protocols are placed on airlines which include travelers to undergo fit to fly COVID tests, quarantines, and presentation of COVID fit to fly certificates before the actual travel date.

Getting a Visa during COVID 19

The Visa expiration date is different from its validity. Its expiration date is usually seen along with the visa issuance date, while the validity is the length of time a traveler is allowed to stay in a country. 

How do I extend my visa in the UK?

Extending a visa for foreign nationals in the UK who have spent time as a visitor in the country can apply for a three-month visa extension on their third month as a visitor, making it a total of six months. 

How to handle visa overstay in the UK?

A person is considered to be overstaying when a visitor has exceeded the time allowed under the visa. During this pandemic, people are encouraged to follow COVID-19 visa guidelines on GOV.UK before the expiration of their visa. Overstayers are asked to present valid proof that their overstaying is due to the pandemic.In line with that, overstayers are also encouraged to connect with their country’s embassy if worried about overstaying.

Learn more about Visa Extension during COVID-19 Outbreak through this infographic.

Visa Extension during COVID-19 Outbreak UK Harleymedic Infographic