Combined Technique of FUT+FUE Hair Transplant: When & How

Many people in the world are affected by the hair loss problem or genetic baldness. The problem of hair loss primarily occurs due to the genetic factor and the contribution of hormones, i.e., the male sex hormone, Testosterone plays a key role in presenting the severe hair loss or the genetic baldness. The genetic baldness is scientifically termed as the Androgenic alopecia causes pattern baldness with various grades of Norwood baldness. The pattern baldness is called Norwood baldness as a scientist, Dr. O’Tar Norwood introduced first the extent of hair loss, which is rated on the Norwood scale. However, now it’s been all cleared and explained that at the extent of loss needs what kind of treatment or the technique of the hair transplant procedure to restore natural hair.

Hair transplant in Noida has a significant aspect of providing the treatment with the expert hand of the surgeon who earned the accreditations and recognition from a number of reputed hair restoration societies and forums. As far as the technique adaptability is concerned about the cost of hair transplant in Noida comes under the affordable section even after the adoption of the high-end technology and standard measure for the safety & hygiene concern.

In this article, we will discuss on the combined technique of FUT+FUE with its benefits and requirement as follows:

First of all, it is needed to know what combined technique of hair transplant is. As we all know that hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery procedure requires both the surgical as well as the aesthetic skills and knowledge in order to meet the desired goal of the procedure. The hair transplant surgery is done by adopting the hair root extraction technique, either done by the FUT or through the FUE. Here, we mentioned extraction method first as it is only the extraction technique that defines the obtaining number of grafts to cover the respecting balding grade. The procedure of hair transplant involves the hair root transfer in which firstly, hair roots are extracted from the safe donor part of the scalp and further implanted into the recipient balding part of the scalp followed by the hair root’s dissection process via the higher magnification of microscopes. The hair transplant surgery allows a patient to receive natural hair back without any kind of side effects or discomfort.

The hair transplant surgery when simply done with the FUT technique:

The hair transplant surgery when simply done with the FUT technique, it makes the possibility of extracting 4000 or above the number of grafts, but not more than 4200 in a single session via the strip method of the excision. So, when a patient needs a high number of grafts to cover the bigger grade of baldness, the FUT technique is recommended and thus it is a wise decision in the hair transplant surgery. The FUT technique is performed by using the strip of the skin that are excised by making a simple incision and suture in order to obtain the feasible number of grafts to fulfil the requirement of the respective balding grade or the need for a high-density hair transplant.

The Hair Transplant via the FUE Method:

The hair transplant surgery when performed by the FUE method or the follicular unit extraction, it involves multiple extractions via the motorized punching or the manual punching tool in order to extract single hair root in a single time. It makes the feasibility of extracting a limited number of grafts to cover the respective lesser grade of NW-baldness.

The Combined Technique of FUT+FUE:

The combined technique of hair transplant procedure involves both the FUT as well as the FUE hair transplant surgery in order to receive the maximum possible number of grafts to fulfil the desired restoration goal of the surgery. In the first hour the FUT technique is performed to obtain around 4000 or above the number of grafts depending upon the donor area’s state to fulfil the restoration goal of the surgery. In the second hour, the FUE technique is performed to obtain the remaining number of grafts to meet the density need or the grade requirement for the particular hair transplant session.

The Benefits of the FUT+FUE Hair Transplant:

  • The combined technique gives the best number of hair roots in a single session
  • This is the combined method that fulfils the high-density need for the hair transplant surgery
  • The combined technique is a recommended one, when a patient is affected by an extremely high grade of NW-baldness, i.e., NW-V, VI, or VII
  • The combined technique is also performed when there is no enough donor supply and needs the involvement of other parts of the body to extract the hair roots wherever the hair growth is experienced.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of the hair transplant performed by the combined method of FUT+FUE is required when a patient is affected by an extreme bigger grade of baldness or it is required to offer high-density hair transplant even with the weaker donor status.