How To Avoid Bugs In Raw Rice

Who has never encountered moths and larvae present in rice, beans, flour, and other grains that are left in the pantry? Unfortunately, some insects love to attack bagged food, and if you ignore this type of problem, the bugs will likely spread all over the pots. To help you in this mission, we have prepared an article with tips on avoiding bugs in raw rice with very simple tricks. That way, you can keep your cereal – and other foods – bug-free for the long term. Check out!

How To Avoid Bugs In Raw Rice?

To prevent the rice from becoming contaminated with moths, maggots, and other bugs, you must resort to some cleaning and storage tricks. The good news is, with the right cleaning products, you can ensure this pretty easily.

Store Raw Rice In An Airtight Glass Jar

The first thing you need to do is store the raw rice in an airtight glass jar or rice box (กล่องข้าว which is the term in Thai). This type of container ensures good insulation, preventing possible insects and dirt invasion. If you leave the rice inside the bag, the bugs can easily invade, placing larvae and contaminating all the food. Therefore, our tip is to use airtight containers to store rice and other grains, such as flour, beans, and even pasta. Pretty simple, right?

Clean The Pots And Pantry With White Vinegar, Hot Water, And Detergent

Keeping the pot sanitized is also essential to avoid larvae in raw rice. Therefore, our suggestion is to wash the container (before storing the rice) with a solution of 500 ml of hot water, 150 ml of white vinegar, and a little detergent. Scrub both the inside and outside of the pot to disinfect well. Because it has a very strong aroma, vinegar helps keep bugs away and promotes great cleaning in glass jars.

Another interesting tip is to use this same solution with vinegar to clean the other pots and even the pantry shelves. Thus, you ensure that all food is more protected and that the kitchen cabinet, in general, is free from moths and other insects.

Spread Cloves In The Pantry

Another way to ensure insects stay away from the pantry is to spread cloves on the shelves. Because it has a very strong aroma, this spice works as a natural repellent and can protect all foods present in the kitchen cabinet.