Get smooth skin Again: Remove Acne Scars.

Acne and blemishes on your face are constant reminders of an unhappy life and hard times in a teenager’s life. Adults somehow get used to acne and scars, but they also do not want to deal with acne-prone skin. No one wants acne and scars on their skin, everyone wishes for smooth and flawless skin. If you are facing issues with acne and scars regularly on your face, then you have to investigate your skin with skin smoothening procedures. After the proper treatment, you can listen to the appearance or completely vanish the appearance of acne scars from your face.

The acne and scar on your face can make you feel conscious and embarrassed about your skin in front of others. There is everything available online; you can learn about advanced skin treatments and thermage (เทอร์มาจ, which is the term in Thai) online. Sometimes the procedure does not cover them all, but yes they can minimize the appearance of acne on the skin.

Types of Acne Scars

There is acne that is permanent than another type of acne, which goes away over time. The acnes can be of a different kind.

Macules: they look like a red spot and are flat. They remain where an acne lesion appeared. They can remain for several weeks, but then they fade away.

Skin discoloration: This is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. In this case, the acne scar leaves behind discolored skin.

Tissue scars: Some acne leave the scars behind, and they look like enlarged tissues. They are called hypertrophic scars; they are usually caused by the excess production of collagen in the skin.

Loss of tissue: They are more common and caused by the loss of tissue. They are also termed as ice-pick-scars. They are also known by different names like depressed, fibrotic, atrophic, or muscular follicle atrophy. Looks like pits in the skin (usually sunken)