Fungal Nail Infection And What Can Sports Podiatrist Do For You

Fungi is not fun and games no matter which part of the body is affected. When it comes to feet, fungi affect usually toenails, but it can affect all foot nails if you neglect the infection. It develops slowly, so you should act on time.

If You are not sure if you have a fungal infection, there are few clear signs that will appear with it. Along with infection progress, you will notice that your nails are starting to change color. It can be yellow, and in most cases it is, but also it can be white, black or green.

After, you may see that your nail is getting thicker and that it has a different shape, but not just that, it may break off and some pieces can fall away. The specific smell can appear and also itchy skin around the nail.

Act on time with fungal infection

How it comes to fungal infection?

Usually, fungal infection of the nail comes with the fungi that cause athlete’s foot. These fungi are mostly harmless until they multiply, and they can easily do that on the feet because they like dark, warm and moist places.

You can get fungal nail infection if you don’t keep your feet dry and clean, if you wear shoes that cause your feet to be sweaty and hot. It’s surprising that you can get a fungal infection in gyms and communal showers if you walk barefoot.

If your immune system is weak, the fungi can easier attack, and also if you damaged your nails. Some health problems can be a predisposition for fungal infection, such as psoriasis, diabetes and arterial disease.

Prevention and treatment

When it comes to prevention, the first thing that you can do is to cut the conditions that are corresponding to fungi. So, keep your feet clean and dry and get rid of the footwear that can still be contaminated with fungi. Don’t share your clippers with others and keep your nails short. Also, don’t share towels and socks with others, and don’t walk barefoot in public pools, locker rooms and showers.

The best fungal nail treatment by ModPod Podiatry is the laser treatment that is provided by a specialist podiatrist. The treatment is highly effective, without any pain or discomfort. Depending on how serious is your infection, you may have few or more treatments.

Besides this, fungal infection is treated with antifungal drugs and antifungal nail paints that are prescribed by a podiatrist. If you are a sports type of person and you already have your sports podiatrist, he can also treat your infection, and if you are looking for one, we suggest sports podiatrist Sydney like ModPod Podiatry. You can get the best treatment and professional advice to be safe and active again.

Before and after the treatment

Final word

While nail fungal can be quite unpleasant, there are a lot of great treatments that your podiatrist can apply and free your feet from persistent fungi.