Fitness Exercises Are Not Just For Fitness

Fitness exercises are generally thought of as being used by health conscience people to stay fit. There are a number of other reasons that people will follow an exercise program. Exercise is used in recovery from a physical injury, weight loss, body building and of course, maintaining physical fitness. While each program will have features particular to the desired goals, they all have things in common. An exercise program is often followed in conjunction with specific diet and lifestyle activities. Here are some common characteristics of some of the different types of exercise programs.

Medical Recovery Exercise Programs

After serious injury, the body is unable to operate normally. Joints and other stress points in particular need time to heal before being used regularly again. Working with a physical therapist or other specialist is important to obtaining a full recovery. Special exercise techniques and equipment are utilized to encourage proper healing. In addition, reflexology, acupuncture and massage therapy may also be used.

Weight Loss Exercise Programs

The choices available for weight-loss programs are overwhelming. Do a lot of research before deciding on a program to try. There are several factors you should consider when making your decision:

1. Your level of overweight, whether mild, moderate or obese.
2. Your lifestyle. Is it highly stressful, moderately active or sedentary?
3. Your personal likes and dislikes.
4. Your overall health.
5. Your age.

In order for your weight loss exercise program to be successful, you must follow it at least three times a week. The best kind of fitness exercises will be some form of intense physical activity. You can choose from a wide variety of activities such as jogging, stair climbing, aerobics, dance or cycling, to name just a few.

Bodybuilding Exercise Programs

Many of these programs overlap those for weight loss, as weight loss can be an integral part of building lean muscle mass. Growing lean muscle mass can involve interval training, circuit and strength training. Nutrition and watching food intake is also an important part of bodybuilding.

Many exercises used in bodybuilding routines are aimed at working only certain muscle groups. The choices for this are also numerous and include weight training and body weight exercise. Experts in the field also emphasize the significance of following a cardio exercise routine in addition to strength and muscle building. Follow the separate regimens on alternate days.