3 Reasons To Consider Changing Dentists

Dental hygiene is an essential part of your overall health. Taking care of your teeth at home and visiting your dentist regularly helps to ensure your teeth stay clean, healthy, and functional. Going to the dentist is not fun for most people and can even be scary for some, and it’s only made worse if you don’t mesh well with the person working on your teeth. If you have considered switching dental practices, you aren’t alone. People do so for a variety of reasons.

1. Your Dentist Is Too Busy

Taking time for dental care in Oslo means taking time from your daily schedule not only to go to the appointment itself but to make one in the first place. Does your dentist have an online scheduling form? If not, how long do you spend on hold when you call to make appointments? How far out do you need to make the appointment? Scheduling annual exams months in advance is one thing, but if you have a serious dental issue, you want a dentist who has appointments available right away.

Consider how long you spend at your appointment as well. Is the dentist ready for you at the scheduled time, or do you spend a lot of time in the waiting room? Does it seem as if you’re rushed through, or does your dentist listen to your concerns? Each of these factors determines how you feel about taking care of your teeth.

2. Your Dentist Is Not Up To the Standard

Naturally, you need to be able to trust the person who performs your dental care. At a minimum, you must be able to trust their knowledge, experience, and license. To become a dentist in Norway, a person must have taken courses in and passed exams about dentistry and received qualification from the Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel.

A reputable dentist must also prove written and spoken Norwegian language proficiency, adhere to the Patients’ Right Act and the relevant sections of the Health Personnel Act, adhere to Section 6 of the Anti-Discrimination Act, and always conduct business in a responsible and professional manner. While dentists are human and do make mistakes on occasion, if yours has a history of errors or has made an extremely serious one, it may be time to switch practices. 

3. The Practice Is Not Welcoming

Your relationship with your dentist isn’t solely with him or her. Whether you’re calling to schedule an appointment, checking in on the day of, or calling for follow-up instructions, you will talk to a range of other staff members as well. From the receptionists to the assistants, it is important that you feel comfortable with everyone you interact with. If someone is always rude or otherwise makes you feel uncomfortable, you may feel happier at another practice.

Consider the physical environment as well. Is the waiting area clean and at a comfortable temperature? Is there enough seating for people? If your dentist takes patients of all ages, is there a play area for the children? Are the exam rooms clean and well-organized? All of these factor into the type of care you will receive. 

There are a wide variety of reasons to consider switching dentists. Even if you are only switching because you moved and want to save travel time, remember to be diligent. Verify licenses, ask friends and neighbors who they recommend, and read online reviews for your potential new dentist. This way, you can be sure you’re making the right choice for yourself and for your family. Remember, visit your dental professionals at least twice per year to keep your teeth clean, functional, and healthy.