Our 2022 Guide to Hair Loss Tips, Prevention, and Treatment

Hair loss is a rampant occurrence among men of any age. While, in some cases, the issue can be as simple as a natural occurrence, it can also signify underlying health concerns. Moreover, no one wants to struggle with having to shave all the time due to balding hair. So, here’s your ultimate guide on hair loss; causes, prevention, and treatment options.

Causes of hair loss

Some of the leading causes of hair loss include;

●       Hormonal changes and medical conditions

Various conditions such as hormonal changes can lead to either permanent or temporary hair loss. Medical conditions like alopecia areata and ringworm infections cause patchy hair loss. The changes in the body’s hormones can lead to a lack of the optimum environment for hair growth.

●       Hereditary

The genetic composition is one of the leading causes of hair loss. The pattern that mostly occurs in old age manifests as male-pattern baldness. It occurs gradually with receding hairlines and bald spots.

●       Stress

It’s common to experience a general thinning of hair some months after an emotional or physical shock. Such type of hair loss, however, is temporary.

●       Medications and supplements

Certain drugs are known to have hair loss as a side effect. Therefore, be on the watch out when using drugs for cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure, or depression.

 Prevention of hair loss

Here are some of the tips to help you prevent hair loss;

●       Revamp your diet

You need top-notch nutrition to have the best hair growth patterns. A balanced diet and good hydration are essential for healthy skin and hair. The diet ensures a proper supply of essential nutrients like vitamins and iron.

Take more healthy proteins, fruits and vegetables, and nuts for healthy hair. Avoid sugar and processed foods.

●         Control stress

Stress management is another way to prevent hair loss. Consider regular exercise, adequate sleep, and proper self-care to manage stress. Controlling stress helps prevent hair loss caused by alopecia areata. It also reduces inflammation in follicles hence allowing hair to experience normal growth.

●       Seek help when necessary

It’s not always when you will have the solutions to your hair loss concerns. Sometimes you will need to find experts to guide you. The sooner you seek help for the hair loss issues, the better your chances of avoiding irreversible damage.

Hair loss treatment

A working treatment plan is all you need when suffering from hair loss. While several hair loss medications are available, you must be careful when choosing the product.

Some of the most effective hair loss treatment options include;

●       Nioxin System 2 trio

Nioxin System 2 trio kit is a natural hair treatment package that helps protect against hair thinning and breakage. The kit comes as a set of three professional hair products designed for maximum results.

The Nioxin System 2 strengthens the hair and helps avoid breakage while providing a healthy shine. The package includes a cleaner shampoo to remove dirt, residue, and excessive oil from the hair. The therapy conditioner improves hair resilience and hydration. It also refreshes the hair while improving hair volume.

●       Watermans shampoo

Hair loss from stress is one of the easiest to manage through Watermans shampoo. Made with an infusion of active natural and modern ingredients, the shampoo helps revitalize dry and dull hair.

The product controls hair shedding as it strengthens the hair follicles. It also improves hair volume and health.

●       Watermans Elixir

Watermans Elixir regrowth system is another top solution to all your hair loss issues. The hair treatment package is designed to improve blood flow and balance sebum production, which improves hair growth. It also comes with follicle-stimulating features that boost hair growth.

Watermans Elixir is made through an infusion of scientific and historical ingredients giving it scalp healing features. It also protects the hair from sunshine, harmful UV rays, and other chemicals.

Bottom Line

Hair loss management is not a one-time activity. Other than using the right products, you need to keep the right diet and manage stress. The above products are some of the most effective when looking for healthier and fuller hair.