Is It Safe To Get Dental Implants?

As a constant evolving branch of science, dentistry is deals with the diseases and anatomy of the teeth. With advancing technology, innovative methods are being evolved to make dentistry more aesthetically pleasing. One of the most recent innovations is dental implants, the only way to replace missing teeth. But are dental implants safe? To know that you need to know more about dental implants.

Dental implants are the permanent and fixed prosthesis positioned within the individual’s mouth. It consists of a screw that is drilled into the jawbone to ensure that the artificial tooth remains in place. It is an expensive procedure and costs around $1300- $3000 per implanted tooth. However if there is a need for bone regeneration or anything more complicated, it can cost around $15000. However, though it gives you the satisfaction of having permanent teeth, giving the face its natural lift, there are a few risks associated which you need to know about.

Conversely, there is no procedure that can be completed in a clinic or hospital that can be said to be risk free. However, the dental implant is one of the most precise and invasive procedure completed by a dentist and though has many positive aspects, risks do exist. One of the major risks of this procedure includes rejection. There is always a risk that your body will reject the implant as any foreign object that is implant comes with the risk of being rejected. Though these implant screws are constructed of titanium, chances of rejection are low. But rejection is high when the sterilization has not been done properly and an infection interferes with the dental procedure.

Another factor to consider is the gap. When the implant is put in the jawbone, the ceramic or porcelain crown is put in after a few weeks. Though it is not a direct risk, but there is a gap in the cavity and sometimes, the adjacent teeth drift in and there is crowding especially when it is time to fix the crown.
However, the main factor that needs to be considered is the risk of infections. This is why it calls for extreme hygiene and sterilization during the dental implant process. However any carelessness during the procedure can result in infections that can jeopardize the implantation process. In some cases, it is so severe that it spreads into the jawbone causing untold misery and pain. Another risk is the rusting of the dental implant screw. Though it is made of titanium, which is resistant to rust but can be a cause of infection of the individual drinks coffee or tea excessively.