Can You Supplement on a Bad Diet?

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for maintaining great health, and a good diet can ensure we get the necessary nutrients. Unfortunately, many of us tend to miss out on important nutrients due to a bad diet, which comes from time and financial constraints. This is why people wonder if it’s possible to take supplements instead while maintaining their usual diet of fast food or other unhealthy dishes.

Health Check: can vitamins supplement a poor diet?

Read on to see if it’s possible to take supplements from brands like Douglas labs even with a ‘bad’ diet.

Can You Supplement on a Bad Diet?

You can supplement on a bad diet, but supplements are only used to fill a gap and should NOT be a replacement to a healthy meal plan. Manmade vitamins and dietary supplements aren’t a substitute for fruits and vegetables.

Whole foods have a ton of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibers, and more nutrients that help with absorption and digestion that you can’t find in supplements. That said, dietary supplements like the ones you find from Douglas laboratories in Supplement First can help restore your body’s natural balance. They are very helpful when you are transitioning from a bad to a wholesome diet!

So, supplements do NOT fix a bad diet, and only a better diet will. If you want to take advantage of the health benefits supplements offer, you will need to use it only as a complement to a healthy diet. That diet should be composed of whole foods filled with vitamins and minerals needed for our bodies to strive and function excellently.

For those who were hoping to use supplements as a way to make up for their junk food consumption, this is bad news! However, you can use this article as a sign that it’s time to change up your meal plan and go for something your body will love you more for.

Supplements: Not For Everyone

While beneficial, supplements aren’t meant for EVERYONE. If you are already on a good diet, then you may not require supplements in your meal plan.

Again, supplements are optimal if you are making the transition to a better diet. Supplements are also best for those who are:

·        Sick and with nutrient deficiencies, so food alone can’t give you enough nutrients

·        Athletes that want to get enough nutrients and food in a day for better performance

·        People from certain areas where it’s tough to get certain nutrients

·        Pregnant women or those trying to become pregnant

Furthermore, what you supplement with will depend on your condition. Our bodies are far more complex than supplements, and it is best to talk with a dietitian and healthcare provider to help identify the supplements you need. A dietitian can also help you get started on a healthier meal plan with the right supplements to get your health back on track.

Wrapping It Up

While it’s possible to supplement a bad diet, it isn’t a good idea! There are ways to help keep your diet in check while taking supplements to make up for certain nutrients you are deficient in. Good luck!