Adverse effects of ignoring or self-medicating your feet problems

Aids for Preventing and Relieving Foot Pain

There are many reasons why you could have problems in your feet. It is extremely important that you get the situation treated at the earliest, in the best way possible. It is a habit for people to ignore discomforts until they are unbearable. And even when they take a note of the situation, they try to self-medicate by taking medicines over the counter. In most cases, they might be a temporary solution but choosing to visit some Chattanooga Podiatrist would be a better, simpler and a permanent solution.

What can happen if you mistreat your foot discomfort over a long time?

  • Recurrence – If you choose to self-medicate a discomfort in your foot, the most obvious thing that would happen is that it would come back again and again. It is highly unlikely that you would be as efficient in selecting medicines as a professional podiatrist. A specialist would be able to give you that medication which would cure your medical condition permanently.
  • Condition not cured – One of the key factors in prescribing medicines is to diagnose the problems with proper tests and experience. Without tests, it would not be always possible for you to detect the exact problem in your foot. This would indirectly mean that you consume the wrong medicines which would not cure your problems. For instance, you might have heel pain and you would not be able to determine the difference between Plantar Fasciitis, Heel fracture and Tarsal tunnel syndrome which are all causes of heel pain.
  • Aggravation of the situation – There are various conditions like in grown toe nails and fungal infections which are either ignored or self-treated by the person. If fungal infections are ignored, they tend to spread to the other toes. The nails harden and discolour. In case of in grown nails, when people try to remove it themselves, they might not be doing it the right way and hurt themselves and cause some sort of infection.
  • Side effects – When you treat your medical condition with medicine over the counter, it is a possibility that you are consuming the wrong medicines. This would not only not work properly but also have a possibility of having abnormal effects on your body. You may create certain other medical complication(s) in such situations.
  • Painful condition – Ignoring any discomfort in your feet is more often than not become more painful as time progresses. Since your feet take all the load of your body, it is essential that they are in the perfect condition. There could be a muscle that has been damaged or any kind of minor cracks. These things should be attended to at the earliest. When it comes to self-treatment, it is generally more painful than what the Chattanooga podiatrist could have done for you. For instance, a painful condition like an in grown nail when treated by you or at some nail salon would definitely be painful. However, if a podiatrist removes it for you, you would be given medication to reduce your pain or he or she could even numb that area to remove the in grown nail.


It is important for you to understand that the discomfort in your feet is not natural. It has to be treated by someone who knows about it in detail. Trying to ignore it or self-medicating yourself is a very risky action and can have adverse health effects.