4 Tips to Make Your Hotboxing Session More Fun

The Art Of Hotboxing

If you are already into smoking weed, the chances are high that you already know about hotboxing. Hotboxing is something you should definitely try soon with your group of friends. So what is it? Hotboxing is when you smoke your weed in an enclosed space such as your car, room, garage, etc. If you want to heighten your weed experience, this is a must-try if you have never done it before. How can you ensure you enjoy the hotboxing session? Read on.

1. Buy high-quality weed

Trying a hotbox with low-quality weed can ruin your experience altogether. For one, you may not feel the high that you expected, and secondly, the side effects may be bad due to the poor quality of weed you used. Therefore, ensure that you buy your weed from a reputable store.

Fortunately, today we have many online weed dispensaries that you can purchase good quality marijuana. What you need to do is search online for ‘ weed dispensary near me’ and choose one that has a good reputation and stocks a wide variety of weed products.

2. Choose the right space

As mentioned, hotboxing is when you smoke weed in an enclosed room. You can, for instance, choose to hotbox in your car with two of your friends. Here, you ensure that you close all the windows and doors so as to have the smoke lingering around for as long as possible. This way, you can get to experience the high that comes with it, something you will most likely enjoy and do even more. On the other hand, if you plan to hotbox in your room, ensure that you close any openings around.

3. Have a good playlist

There is nothing that beats the fun of hotboxing while listening to good music. What music do you love? Depending on your personal taste for music, you want to choose what works for you. If you are into some R&B, so be it; if it’s some reggae, so be it, classical music, etc- choose what works for you. Bursting a few moves while enjoying your hotboxing session takes it a notch higher.

4. Invite a few friends

Having a few friends over and hotboxing together heightens the whole experience. You will get to enjoy each other’s company while telling stories and at the same time getting high. An important point to note, however, do not forget to have some food nearby. Hunger pangs hit hard after a proper hotboxing session, and having some food close really comes in handy. You can either choose to prep some food before the session or have a delivery food service that you can contact to get the food delivered to you. Also, ensure that you hydrate as much as possible during and after the session. And in case you run out of weed in the middle of your session, you can always contact the weed dispensary to have order some more. 

There you have it! If you have been looking forward to trying a hotbox, you now have all the tips to make it amazing.