What to expect during your Lasik consultation and its results

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During your initial consultation, your eyes will be carefully examined and special tests will be performed to determine if you are suitable for custom Lasik or another. Before your surgeon performs Lasik, a preoperative exam and a complete medical examination of the eyes are done to check for glaucoma, cataracts, and other inappropriate conditions. Talk to your doctor about the potential risks and complications. If you decide to have Lasik Los Angeles, your surgery is scheduled and you will be told when to stop wearing contact lenses.

Exceptional results for Lasik Los Angeles

The process is very quiet, fast and painless as it also minimizes the intraocular pressure added by the laser and is fast. 99.9% of patients have 20/40 and post-operative vision (at least via a driving test). Anyone considering LASIK, Smile, or other laser eye surgery in Los Angeles, California and surrounding areas can be confident in these great results.

We are proud to offer personalized micro-LASIK® topographic maps that reduce glare and well-being for people living in Los Angeles, California and surrounding areas. Lasik Los Angeles also offers Micro-LASIK® all-laser technology. The result is a thin corneal flap that is much thinner than what is made in conventional LASIK surgery and can enter the stroma for treatment.

It is the first and only eye centre in the country to upgrade the Los NidekEC-5000 LASIK laser to a 400 Hz eye tracker This eye tracker can ensure that all patients in the Los Angeles area of ​​California move their eyes during surgery, and the results are always exceptional. All lasers are supplied by the manufacturer and not by a third party to ensure consistent results.

Advanced SMILE with LASIK technology

Lasik Los Angeles will offer the Zeiss ReLExSMILE program. This advanced laser-assisted vision correction surgery is helping millions of patients around the world say goodbye to glasses or contact lenses forever. This new surgery is considered a gentler alternative and the risk of postoperative complications is lower.

We provide the best Lasik Los Angeles surgery and we are one of the few centres to use the GALILEI Dual ScheimpflugAnalyzer and the NIDEKMagellan Mapper to diagnose undetectable corneal conditions that could prevent potential patients in Los Angeles, California and surrounding areas from undergoing laser-assisted eye surgery.