Responsibilities of an elderly nurse

People when they get older, experience more health problems as compared to younger ones and they need more care, the special kind of, and time than others require elderly nurse (perawat lansia which is the term in indonesian)

Nurses who are specialized in taking care or elderly people are geriatric nurses. These nurses provide daily care and need to the patients. The increasing number of elderly people’s fragile health, which sometimes makes no time to get worse has increased the demand/need for geriatric nurses simultaneously.

The elderly stage is mostly referred to a child stage as well. So working as a geriatric nurse can be hectic most often, as every other patient won’t be happy-go-lucky, they can get angry, sad in less a minute, and can get worse than a child, which could be frustrating for an individual nurse.

So if you’re planning to be a geriatric nurse, patience and self-confidence are the top qualities you need in yourself. You need to have a cheerful personality; you need to be a good listener and should be a passionate worker with a desire to work with elder ones.


  • Focuses on the development and implementation of any disease.
  • Maintain patient’s diet plan.
  • I am administering medications.
  • Helps in exercising.
  • Go for a doctor with a patient, for their proper checkups and other appointments.
  • Helps with the daily basic works like bathing, changing clothes, etc.

Geriatric nurses are not only responsible for the patient’s physical well being but their mental well being too. You’ll teach the patient and his family about their health condition and the best ways to manage it. As a nurse, you need to build a cheerful and trustworthy relation with your patients, even in the worse days of yours, you have to be positive towards your work, with your patient.


  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Care centers
  • Patient’s home
  • Retirement center

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