Probiotics- what are they and the best for our body

To cope with any disease or its possibility, from the most hazardous to simpler ones, one should fortify one’s health using probiotics. So, what are probiotics? Here we will know what they are and what are best amongst them and enhance our body health.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics or gut-friendly bacteria are a certain kind of friendly bacteria that offer health advantages when ingested. There are several bacteria within us all the time, and not all bacteria are harmful—some bacteria aid in enhancing your bodily functions and work to your advantage.

Also, one may be taking in probiotics regularly without their knowledge. Some of the superfoods and regular foods can be probiotic induced. These fight like antibodies with harmful invaders to enhance the body’s internal environment.

Which of these probiotics are best for our bodies?

Many types of probiotics are supposedly known to enhance people’s health. The question is out of these, which of them to choose and to blend in your regular diet? Here, we shall check them out of the lot and list the best along with their forms and advantages.

Bacillus Natto

Natto superfood comprises soybeans which are fermented in a slimy consistency. Japanese people have been eating them as part of their breakfast for many years before the bacteria discovery itself. It is also a health supplement.


  • Consisting of several minerals and vitamins.
  • Make the immunity strong.
  • Helps with digestion.

Bacillus Indicus 

It is also marketed as “HU36”. This is a probiotic that blends or changes the bacteria and evolves to new bacteria. It is a strain of spore-forming bacteria and is a gram-positive bacterium. These are very safe to consume. They are very good for your digestive and immune systems. This probiotic can minimize prostate cancer danger along with some other cancers. It is a long-lasting probiotic as the spores can multiply.


  • Rich fibre source
  • Rich protein source
  • It can blend in with some other strains for a healthy gut system.
  • Assists in loss of weight, minimizing allergy, stress, and joint pains.

Bifidobacterium Bifidum

It is a common and essential bacterium. It lines intestines and colon, and its absence or lack can cause health illnesses. 


  • It can resolve digestive system issues such as necrotizing enterocolitis, constipation, ulcerative colitis, and diarrhoea. 
  • It can aid lung-related infections as well.

Lactic Acid Bacteria

Lactic Acid bacteria are a probiotics category that is primarily found in dairies like milk and its related items like curd, cottage cheese, and so on. This is a bacterium that makes digestion of lactose simpler. It is because of this; dairy producers blend these bacteria in their products.


  • It digests lactose easily.
  • It is utilized within the treatment of different maladies.
  • It aids in relieving constipation, stomach ache, reducing cholesterol, and mitigation of colon cancer.
  • They aid in deodorizing skin and are a skin moisturizer.

Bottom line

We understand now what are probiotics? Probiotics are essential within a human body and go far in maintaining a healthy body. These particularly come in handy when made use in tandem with superfoods, some treatments, and medicines. Their lack and absence can even result in some health illnesses. This makes us realize that probiotics have to be made a part of our regular diet to keep us healthy.