it’s time to pay attention to additional care means for the scalp and hair

A harsh weather change affects the hair condition. Changes in temperature, hot water and a cold wind, dry indoor air, hats and a lack of vitamins worsen the condition and appearance of the hair. If you notice increased oiliness at the roots and dry, split ends, lack of volume and even hair loss, it’s time to pay attention to additional care means for the scalp and hair.

Our Hair Salon Stylists know the main problems of hair during this cold period are dry hair along the entire length, oily roots, dandruff and hair loss. Shampoo for volume will cope with increased grease content, it dries hair a little. Once a week it is recommended to use a scrub for the scalp. It improves blood circulation in the scalp, removes residual sebum and styling products, so the hair retains freshness longer.

Friction of hair roots on hats leads to hair loss. This is caused by difficulty of circulating. To avoid this, choose loose caps and hats, and to prevent hair loss, use ampoules to stimulate hair growth. The course of such funds is usually calculated for a month of use. Or add herbal-based hair loss spray to your daily care. After washing your hair, spray it at the roots and rub it a little into the scalp, lifting your hair with your fingers. This will provide the active substances with access to the hair follicles.

Dryness is most often triggered by dehydration, when the hair does not have enough nutrition, and in winter also protection from negative external conditions. Try to put your hair under a scarf or hood, and after washing your hair, apply a small amount of oil to the lower third of your hair. It not only smoothes and nourishes the hair, preventing magnetization and tangling, but also performs the role of thermal protection. Styling products will also help – for example, mousse for volume envelops hair, protecting it from external influences.


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