How To Support Large Cannabis Buds Indoors


If you have been considering indoor cannabis production for long, it’s time to set up a definite business plan! 

Irrespective of whether you are a newbie or not, this article is strategized to help deal with basic marijuana cultivation queries. 

If you are confused about the environment setting or maintenance routine, keep scrolling further to unlock effective advice and suggestions. 

Steps To Maintain The Health Of Huge Indoor-Grown Cannabis Buds 


Tending to your cannabis vegetation, especially during the flowering stage, is extremely crucial. Are your cannabis flowers getting too huge? It can cause potential damage and loss. 

If you have been looking for options, keep reading to learn more. 

  • Bamboo 

Getting bamboo canes for support is a cost-friendly option because they are cheap, durable, and easy to clean. 

However, before you tie them to the baby plants, consider washing them with alcohol thoroughly to avoid crop ruin. Another important aspect is to secure the canes and plants with soft ties. 

Make sure you leave a little room for growth! If you use tight ties/bands, it can lead to crop destruction or restrict growth. 

  • ScrOG (Screen of Green) 

In case of excessive height, bamboo canes and strings can fail due to less stability. On the other hand, the screen of Green layouts are comparatively stronger and aid in greater support. 

The ScrOG method during the vegetation period is beneficial for the home growers dealing with fewer plants. This is mainly because it results in higher production with less inputs. 

  • Trellis 

Are you acquainted with the technique of trellising? A trellis is a mesh-shaped structure with wide grids used as an aid for structural assistance.  

What makes a trellis better and different is that it offers a maximum growing area for the plants. 

It further helps to space out the cannabis buds and deliver optimal support. 

  • Tomato cages 

Tomato Cages are a great tool to prevent cannabis plants from overcrowding or drooping. Negligible spacing between the stems or plants hitting the ground can cause disease, infestation, and rot. 

Tomato caging is basically tying up additional bamboo canes to the existing ones horizontally to form a support barrier. This enables the stems to grow upwards and uniformly. 

This method is used by cannabis growers to strategically position the stems in a way that they receive maximum light.  

  • Yo-yo 

A yo-yo has been a nostalgic part of the 20’ kid life. 

However, did you know a yo-yo can help you with bigger things as well? 

For instance, many growers use plant yo-yos to hold out cannabis stems and branches in a certain manner. This is done to eliminate overcrowding. 

If a cannabis branch touches other branches or the barrier walls, it can cause molds and ruin. Yo-yos ensure adequate spacing for a productive yield.  

  • Fertilizers 

A weak foundation helped nobody develop ever. 

If you want your cannabis production to be the absolute best, it must be robust, healthy and hygienic. 

The strength of the branches comes from the roots. This is why adding fertilizers is a necessary hack for incredible growth. 

A well-fed plantation with essentials such as calcium, potassium, and phosphorous into its system is sure to grow big and better.  

However, ensure that the nutrients are not used as supplements for one another. For example, if you replace calcium and sodium with high doses of phosphorous, it can lead to negative results. 

  • Air Circulation 

If you are new to the business and unaware of potential risks, it’s likely to cause you ruin before you even get acquainted with the subject of molds. 

A nasty fungus called Botrytis emerges in unfavorable temperature and humidity levels. It gradually damages the crop in no time, leaving zero benefits for the grower. 

It is critical to assess what temperature and humidity levels are best suited to the plantation to avoid such infestations. It is also necessary to check if there is enough circulation and airflow in between stems and buds. 

So, you better hurry and save your crop before it gets moldy! 

Pros Of Growing Cannabis Buds Indoor 

  • Acclimatization 

The most significant advantage of growing cannabis indoors is that you get to control most things. The most important thing is providing your buds with a stable, thriving condition. 

When you decide to grow marijuana indoors, you get to control the air circulation, humidity, temperature levels, and the like for maximum productivity. 

Since growing them outdoors can be bothering due to extreme climatic conditions, artificial climatic fixes do a better job. 

  • Frequency 

This benefit is linked to the fact that indoor growing marijuana has tailor-made climatic changes adjusted by the grower. This makes it possible for the growers to earn optimal profits. 

Indoor cannabis can be grown multiple times as per the grower’s needs and requirements. On the other hand, outdoor cannabis growth cycles are affected by adverse climate alterations and unforeseen pest attacks. 

The lack of control when growing cannabis outside makes it challenging to obtain the expected yield. 

  • Safety 

If you are expecting a long-term cannabis business in action, you may as well get informed on the trauma that pests cause the growers. 

Shifting or starting out with growing marijuana indoors is a profitable deal as it offers maximum safety from bugs and pests. 

Although, a complete obliteration of these annoying creatures is not possible. However, indoor vegetation can be protected with preventive measures better as compared to outdoor growing cannabis. 

  • Cost 

If the initial costs worry you, reconsider the overall financial loss/gain. 

While indoor weed growth requires comparatively greater upfront costs due to modifications, outdoor growth yield is way less. 

Spending extra on your indoor cannabis production is not a disadvantage as the losses get eased up due to greater growth and sales. 

Outdoor growers do not get to expand due to a lack of room for customized modifications. 

  • Compliance 

Since cannabis production is subjected to many state-specific regulations, compliance is vital not to get penalized or banned. 

There is a need for physical and virtual surveillance services to regulate, track, and secure the process in many parts. 

Setting up cameras or opting for security personnel? Your indoor vegetation is more suitable to ensure proper legal compliance and plant security.  

  • End result 

When you can adjust the environmental conditions to suit your cannabis plant needs, it gets easier to increase efficiency. 

With greater responsibility comes better control, planning, and outcome. However, if only greater plantation numbers were essential, it would be no issue. 

A cannabis grower has to ensure maximum customer satisfaction to benefit the most. Indoor growth advocates specify that indoor cannabis productions have better trichome counts and density. 

Know why the Blue Dream strain is so widely loved? Denser the weed strain, greater the high! Not to forget, indoor plantations are preferred to be cleaner and consequently safer as well. 

Start Growing


If you are thinking of joining the marijuana home growing business, you can effortlessly proceed by following up with the above helpful suggestions.

Have you been consumed about which seeds to opt for? 

Feminized marijuana seeds can be an ideal option if you seek ease and practicality. Also, since these seeds are entirely hermaphroditic-free, they make for healthy buds and higher yields. 

You can also check out the Homegrown Cannabis Co. for a range of feminized, autoflower, and high THC seeds. 

Remember to analyze the risks and benefits accordingly and form an estimated budget amount to encounter negligible losses.