Does Bluechew Work? Exploring Prescription Chewables for Your Bedroom!

From the COVID-19 pandemic to its corresponding economic fallout, we wouldn’t blame people for feeling off of their game. As the world begins its steady return to normalcy with vaccinations on the rise, many people are going to hit the dating scene for the first time in a long time. To stay prepared for those steamy moments, it can help to have a prescription chewable by your side for those Chew It and Do It moments.

Enter BlueChew, the innovative telemedicine service that provides discreet delivery and quality prescription medication to handle your ED. How does BlueChew work? Through a reliable team of licensed medical professionals, you too can solve ED.

The Truth About ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the most overwhelmingly common conditions in men around the world. Though the likelihood of ED increases with age, erection struggles can begin at any point in time. With that being said, ED is far from something that has to hold you down. Simply signing up for BlueChew’s telemedicine services can bring solutions to your front door in a discreet package and timely manner.

What Is BlueChew?

BlueChew is all about bringing fun back into the bedroom. Customer-focused and backed by discreet practices, BlueChew provides access to chewable tablets that bring a one-of-a-kind experience when you want one the most. BlueChew provides a round-the-clock support team to provide info, consultations, and medical guidance to clients who have registered and have been approved for their BlueChew tablets.

Based out of Chicago, BlueChew provides access to chewable tablets that have been designed to support peak performance in the bedroom for men. Crafted for men ages 18 and older, these chewable tablets are made with two core ingredients at center stage.

  • Sildenafil – Available in 30mg and 45mg tablets, Sildenafil is the active ingredient that can be found in Viagra. Sildenafil can be chewed without water up to four hours prior to sexual activity. It takes Sildenafil roughly 30 minutes to an hour to become effective. Sildenafil is ideal for more mild cases of ED.
  • Tadalafil – Tadalafil comes in 6mg and 9mg tablets, with onset available between 30 and 60 minutes. Tadalafil is an ideal ED support tablet because it can be taken up to 24 hours before any sexual activity. Tadalafil is the primary ingredient found within Cialis.

With a variety of performance plans available, it is easy for customers to cater to their specific needs. Work directly with BlueChew’s licensed medical providers to discuss which plan may work best for you.

Primary Benefits of BlueChew

More than a simple way to address those tender bedroom moments, BlueChew brings a variety of beneficial services and features to each client. More than a way to address ED from the comfort of home, here is what BlueChew can offer you.

  • Order From the Comfort of Home
  • No Awkward Conversations with Your Doctor
  • Adjustable and Flexible Membership Plans
  • 24/7 Professional Medical Support
  • Discreet Packaging Delivered to Your Door

BlueChew is all about bringing fun and positive energy to the bedroom. Even though ED is incredibly common, many times men can feel alone. BlueChew’s support staff makes sure that their clients receive care and support throughout the entire process to maximize positive potential benefits.

How Does BlueChew Work?

Ordering BlueChew is as simple as it is fast, beginning with a simple trip to the BlueChew website. Once there, customers can embark upon a three-step process that culminates with the chewable tablets they need at their front door.

  1. Choose a Plan – Before you bring some new energy into the bedroom, find out the kind of plan that works best for you. BlueChew’s multiple plan options ensure that your needs are met when and where they matter most.
  2. Acquire Approval – After picking a plan, potential BlueChew customers will work with a licensed medical provider to ensure that they are right for the medication. Approval can happen within 24 hours!
  3. Wait For Arrival – All BlueChew chewable tablets are shipped in a discreet package, backed by 24/7 customer support. Cancel or adjust your membership as needed should you need fewer or more frequent deliveries.

Avoid awkward conversations at the doctor’s office while still getting the support you need to feel seen. When those time to chew moments can’t wait, make sure you can reach for your favorite chewable tablets!