Do you need to think about Chakra healing?

Want to Open Your Chakras? Try These 9 Techniques!

Chakra Healing and cleansing of the chakras are often overlooked by individuals as an unnecessary activity. When you are in a yoga session you must have often heard the instructor refer to the chakras present inside the human body. You might have also wondered how the chakra healing pertains to you. Chakra is a Sanskrit word and it means “a wheel” or “a disc”. This wheel stands for energy, a container of positive energy that lives and moves inside your body. A lot of research has been conducted to check whether the concept of ” chakra” is a myth or whether it is true. After much research conducted on this concept, it has been found that our body is indeed a storehouse of electromagnetic energies. If the flow of this energy can be controlled by an individual, then that could encourage healing and general wellness. This could now make you very curious about the chakras and their healing. Let us start by knowing what is chakra

Definition of the chakras: The Lower Chakras

The very first chakra is the Root Chakra, it is often depicted with the help of the red color. This chakra is often associated with energy that our body derives from the earth. This energy is called by the yoga masters the deep-running energy. This chakra is the anchor chakra and is located in the tailbone area. The healing of this chakra gives you confidence and a sense of purpose in your life. The second chakra is located below your belly button and is known as the sacral chakra. This chakra is represented with the use of the color orange. This chakra when healed enriches you with the power to imagine and also increases your sexual energies. This chakra derives its energies from the water. Next in the list of the lower chakras, comes the Solar-Plexus Chakra. This chakra derives its energies from fire and the color yellow is used to depict this chakra and when you attempt for this chakra healing then it induces in an individual the sense of self-respect and independence within an individual. The last of the lower chakras is the heart chakra. As per experts, the heart chakra derives its energy from the air elements and the green color represents the heart chakra. The healing of the heart chakra feels a person with the feeling of love and compassion to feel your mind and body.

Definition of chakras: The Upper Chakras

The first of the upper chakras is the throat chakra. Located in the middle of your throat, this chakra is represented with a blue color. The chakra helps an individual to connect with your inner self. It also helps in the clarification of communication. The next chakra is the third-eye chakra. The third eye is the organ that is supposed to connect to the creative forces of the universe. It is located at the pituitary gland and the chakra is represented with beautiful indigo color. It enhances the chances of connecting your inner self with perspective and extra-sensory perception. It enhances the sense of purpose in your life. The last chakra is the crown chakra, the crown chakra is called the thousand-petal chakra, it is represented by the color violet and this is located on the crown of the head. Creative energy helps to realize the beauty of life and helps you to experience the beauty of life. It helps the creative energy to flow into your life and to make you feel and stay positive.

Healing the chakras through meditation

Once you understand the importance of your chakra and what negativity it can bring to your life then you can see the importance of chakra healing. The best way to heal the chakras is through meditation. Even scans show that people who have undergone severe physical and mental trauma can heal themselves inside out by meditation which in turn heals the chakras. The first step to use meditation for chakra healing is to sit in a serene place, and then you need to feel through your body to understand any kind of discomfort at the places where the chakras are located. Once you have discovered the chakras that are out of tune and need alignment, then you can start meditation which when done for some time helps in alignment of the chakras. You can use incense, music, motivational videos, or silence to focus on your meditation. Once you will understand the chakras are healing then you can feel positive energy engulf you and you will feel one with the universe.