Zygoma reduction pasty also known as cheekbone reduction surgery is a procedure that reduces the profile of the zygomatic bone. The patients who opt for zygoma reduction surgery are those who wish to reduce or sculpt their faces to achieve a slimmer or sleeker facial contour. This is done by sculpting the zygomatic bone of the face. People with large cheeks which is a normal and inherent bone structure are more likely to go for this pasty. It is a less aggressive procedure as compared to other forms of face enhancement surgeries. The cheek bone shaving is done via an intraoral incision using a Dremel tool to tone down the projection of the cheekbone.

A brief report on cheek bone surgery [zygoma reduction plasty]

The zygoma reduction plasty is basically done to reduce the forward projection of the check bone. The procedure allows a considerable narrow cheek structure. However, it is a controversial procedure. In case of severe patients who really need it, incisions are made on the inside of the mouth and only after the patient has been anesthesia. in some cases, the incisions are made on the inside of the both sides of the ears as well. The excess bone is sawed and removed. The cut is a bit arched to make a new and narrowed look. The entire process is known as osteomas. The incisions are closed using sutures that dissolve over a short period of time. Result is the in the form of a less prominent cheek contour with a proportioned appearance.

It is recommended to your research before going under the blade.

Facial enhancement surgery is no doubt a risk task both for the doctor and the patient. However, with an experienced professional the risk reduces considerably. Hence, it is advised to consult a reputed clinic such as getting Zygoma reduction plasty in Yanhee hospital [ลดโหนกแก้ม ยันฮี, which is the term in Thai]. To know more about the procedure and cost, a simple google search can provide enough research material for an interested individual.