Irish Potatoes Vs. Sweet Potatoes

The eternal rivalry between the two, arguably most popular potato species, Irish and Sweet potatoes may never end, but few people would reject a baked potato or French fries. To settle this rivalry between siblings, let us compare both species under four headings: nutritional value, glycemic index, taste, and flexibility with various recipes.

  1. Nutritional value: Both Irish and sweet potatoes are nutritious; However, they differ slightly in nutritional values as seen below:

Irish Potato                    |         Sweet potato

  1. 93 kcal per 100 g           |                  90 kcal per 100 g
  2. 2.2 g of fiber per 100 g  |                  3.3 g of fiber per 100 g
  3. 2.5 g of protein per 100 g        |         2.0 g of protein per 100 g
  4. Contains more iron, and potassium|  Contains more Vitamin A, B6, and C

They both have roughly equal water and carbohydrate content, and negligible fat content.

  • Glycemic index: Glycemic index is a description of the likelihood of food to spike blood sugar levels. The ideal GI range is 56 below. However, Irish potato has a GI of 83-111, while sweet potato has a GI of between 44-94. This value is in a range because different recipes impact it. For this reason, sweet potatoes are recommended for people.
  • Taste: How tasty either of these species is will depend on such factors as the recipe, the person eating it, and the way it is prepared. Yet, sweet potato is not just called sweet for nothing. Generally, sweet potato and other colored potatoes (red and yellow) are sweeter than the white species. This is often attributed to the presence of a unique enzyme that breaks down the starch into sweet maltose. Now you know why potato pies taste so good!
  • Flexibility with recipes: Both species are highly valued because they can be incorporated into practically any diet. From baked potato pies to chips and casseroles, you can find Irish and sweet potatoes performing wonders on the tongue. However, the balance will be tilted towards sweet potatoes for being the more flexible species that can be added to different recipes. Sweet potatoes can be used to make potato balls, sweet potato chips, baked pies, baked casseroles, and many tasty meals. They can be combined with veggies and cream or just eaten simply. Irish potato is popular with recipes, but sweet potato is just the king of that kingdom.

Ultimately, the choice depends on the individual. But, hey, they can be eaten together, you know?