Home Fitness Exercise Equipment – Tunturi Recumbent Bike Company Review

When it comes to choosing which brand of home fitness exercise equipment to buy for your home, it is easy to just give up and pick the cheapest one. There are simply too many choices and unless you are up to date with the whole exercise equipment for home use business, along with all the price ranges and what all the features mean you might as well forget it. For the mid price range recumbent bikes, which is around the $1500, plus or minus, there are many choices. At this price level you tend to expect a higher quality machine with lots of features to use.

The Tunturi recumbent bike could easily fit into the mix at this price range. The problem with the Tunturi brand is that it is a Scandinavian company, with machines that are hand-built in Europe. This could make it tougher to compete with all of the more recognizable American companies. The bottom line is people have to look at the features and figure out which machine will be a good fit. They have no problem buying furniture at IKEA, so this should not make too much of a difference either.

The Tunturi company makes both upright and recumbent exercise bikes. They pride themselves as being pioneers in the home fitness exercise equipment industry and the company holds the patents to many of the unique and innovative features The main benefit of any recumbent bike is the ergonomic design. With pioneers in the field behind it, you should expect the design of a Tunturi equipment to give you the most up to date designs to make your workout the most beneficial. By exercising in the relaxed position, where you lean back in the adjustable padded seat, all the energy is focused on your legs and hips, and not straining the back, shoulder and arm muscles unnecessarily. The thing is, all recumbent bikes are designed this way. The one feature the Tunturi seems to have that is not found in most other models is adjustable tilt-handlebars that can work with the adjustable seating system to get a better fit.

The Tunturi recumbent bike is pretty much like most of the other mid to high-end exercise bikes you find when searching online when it comes to pre-set programs offered and data it keeps track of. Their LCD monitor is a little different since it uses a selection wheel where you turn it to the icon for the program you want to use, instead of a touch screen pad. This actually might make it easier to see as those LCD screens are not always clear, but it is a different set-up than what a lot of people are used to seeing.

In summary, The Tunturi recumbent bike is pretty much like any other home fitness exercise equipment. It has a few unique features, but when it comes right down to it, the best feature might be the heavy-duty design and hand-made framework. This level of workmanship is often only found in the high-end equipment that usually is only found in fitness centers. To get such a solid design at this price range. How much of a selling point that is hard to tell, since lots of folks are looking for lightweight machines for their home use.