Find out the root cause of infertility with reliable semen analysis

The decision to extend the family can bring lots of hope and happiness. But if after frequent, unprotected sexual intercourse for one year you fail to get any positive result then it might be due to infertility in either or both the partners. In today’s fast and hectic lifestyle various known and unknown factors such as lifestyle, health condition, injuries, smoking, etc. can contribute to infertility. The rate of infertility in men is increasing by leap and bound across the globe hence consult a fertility specialist who has adequate experience and expertise to deal with infertile patients. Most of the health practitioners recommend semen analysis to find out the root cause of infertility in men.

Comprehensive report

After evaluating the semen analysis report which includes Volume, Semen content, Sperm count, Sperm motility and Sperm morphology doctor can decide the line of treatment for the patient. To get a clear idea about sperm’ health doctor often conduct two or three separate semen analyses. For accurate result follow few simple instructions such as

  • Avoid ejaculation for 24 to 72 hours before the test
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and herbal medicine at least two days before the test
  • Avoid any hormone medications and consult
  • Discuss the medications with the doctor
  • Store sperm in a sterile container

Fertility clinic

As fertility centers often have a masturbating room hence most of the people prefer to give the semen infertility clinic over collecting it at home.

Moreover, the analysis must be completed within two hours of collection hence if you are looking for best fertility clinic then read the reviews of reputable clinics and fertility specialists in reliable websites such as Honestdoc and make informed decisions. You can also ask your concerns to the doctor via the platform and can get reliable answer at earliest. Even patient can book the appointment and order online medicine through this online healthcare platform with great ease.